Let’s get things started!

Hello everyone,

This is my first post! I will be writing about my adventures in travelling and working while going to school online. I have already had quiet a journey, so I’ll give you a brief background on myself and what I’ve done so far.

I was born and grew up in Canada, but as a teenager my family and I moved to Oregon where I attended high school. I have always had a strong passion for the outdoors and wildlife, and anything I can do to be out exploring makes me happy. While in high school I had the great opportunity to start volunteering at a local raptor (bird of prey) rehabilitation centre called Cascades Raptor Center. Here my love for birds grew, and I became especially attached and fascinated by vultures.

After high school I began university in Canada. During my summers I started working in temporary field jobs to gain some experience. After doing this for two years, I got a dream opportunity to work as an intern on the California condor recovery programme. I took a year off university and worked with the condors in Southern California. Vultures has and still is my obsession, and this job was amazing experience for me and has helped open doors for me ever since. In this job I met a girl who had recently completed her degree at OSU, and she mentioned the Ecampus program and that it was online and you could work and study at the same time.

As I had begun on my career path and wanted to continue pursuing my goals and pushing myself forward in my own field, and wanted to continue growing my experience and resume, the Ecampus program sounded promising to me and I looked into it. I applied and was actually rejected on my first attempt!! I appealed the decision, and to my great relief and debt to OSU they decided to accept me. I began in Fall of 2014, and will be graduating this summer 2016, and have received numerous Dean’s Award for academic success as well as prestigious scholarships. I have been taking classes non stop (every term) since 2014, while at the same time travelling around the world, working, and conducting my own research project. This is due to the freedom and opportunities I have had and am able to take while doing school online, and why the Ecampus program at OSU is so great. It is set up so that in today’s competitive world where a university degree means less, you can build your personal and career skills at the same time so that when you graduate you are already ahead of all your peers.

In my next posts I will describe more in detail my positions and experiences I have had while completing my degree. I hope it works to inspire others to be able to chase their dreams and not let education stand in the way, but rather be a step that supports that path!


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